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Seattle's exclusive portal to a complete mermaid entertainment experience

Hire a world-class aquatic character performer for your upcoming event or dive into the world of mermaiding for yourself as an Alchemist's Apprentice.
The Seattle Mermaid School is a one-stop starting block for everyone jumping into the mermaid industry in the Pacific Northwest. Hobbyist or professional, we have curated curriculum dedicated to exploring the mermaid experience at all levels.

Surf through some of our offerings and upcoming public appearances below, then be sure to sign up for the Alchemist's Newsletter at the bottom of the page to reel in unforgettable opportunities.

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Meet the Alchemist

Olive the Alchemist owns and operates Alchemy Aquatics Entertainment LLC and The Seattle Mermaid School.


The Alchemist is the world’s First Mersona Performance Specialist. They combined years of experience in a rigorous, professional-level role as a mermaid character performer with Walt Disney World Entertainment and over a decade of Olympic-level aquatic training to craft a tiered mermaid curriculum with instruction options appropriate for all ages and skill levels.


Along with training beneath Olympic and Olympic-Qualifying Athletes including Michael Phelps, Olive has a PADI National Geographic Specialty open water scuba certification and a PADI Advanced Mermaid certification.


The Alchemist is internationally award winning as a mermaid character performer and is well known as a thought leader for their professional-development lectures on mermaid performance at aquatic conventions all across America. 

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Alchemy Aquatics Entertainment LLC is Seattle's exclusive portal to a complete mermaid entertainment experience from showstopping aquatic performances to inspiring and educational offerings for future merfolk.

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Attend World Course Lectures

Secure your slot in The Seattle Mermaid School's inaugural class. June and July Mermaid Courses are booking now!


Elevate your Storytelling

Book private Mermaid and Character Performance Training sessions via Zoom with an Industry Expert


Get Mermaid Certified

Obtain your PADI Basic, Mermaid, & Advanced Mermaid Certifications with The Seattle Mermaid School


Create your Own Magic

Book a free, 15-minute  virtual consultation with the World's First Mersona Performance Specialist

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Miss Mermaid Washington 

Olive the Alchemist is Miss Mermaid USA's 2021 and 2022 Washington State Titleholder. 

Olive was selected twice over as Washington's State Queen for their underwater modeling, freediving ability, and creative costume design. 

With this title, the Alchemist is a qualified member of the World Mermaid Association.

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Royal Court : Ocean Ambassador

The Alchemist is a proud representative of Mermaid at any Age, an upstarting organization spearheaded by mermaid industry professionals whose mission is to provide merfolk from all the realms with inspiration and resources to live their fullest merlife.


Whether your tail is silicone or fabric, you represent with just leggings or earrings, all mermaids are valid.

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Olive spent 5 years onstage with Walt Disney World Entertainment between January 2016 and December 2020 bringing to life some of the worlds most recognizable princesses in stage shows and meet-and-greets.

They are very protective of the magic, but would admit that they've never been in the same room as
Ariel, Anna, Rapunzel, or Belle

See the Alchemist's resume, or click through the gallery for more detailed information.

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Princess Ariel meets Mermaid Mist (Left) and Mermaid Caylis (Right)
Anna and Elsa
Princess Anna of Arendelle
Queen Anna of Arendelle
Ariel in the Grotto


The Alchemist would love to hear from you.


Olive is available for professional collaboration, corporate events, and aquarium appearances.


Drop me a line for more information about The Seattle Mermaid School & other professional mermaid services. 

Seattle, Washington


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