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Seattle's prime source of
Aquatic Entertainment

  • ​Formally trained in swimming and springboard diving under Olympic athletes including Michael Phelps.

  • 3 PADI Scuba Certifications

  • Over 10,000 on-stage hours logged performing with Walt Disney World Entertainment bringing to life the world's  most recognizable princesses.

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Live at MerMagic Con

Olive the Alchemist is an aquatic character performer with 5 years of experience in a rigorous, professional-level acting role with WDW Entertainment and the world’s most recognizable mermaid in stage shows, parades, and meet and greets.


Olive was invited to the world's largest annual mermaid convention, MerMagic Con, as a lecture leader and diversity panelist. 


 During the convention, Olive will lead an in depth seminar that shares The Alchemist's personally curated tips on bringing any mersona or cosplay to life, regardless of backstory detail.


The seminar focuses on implementing tools to increase believability, immersion, professionalism, and improve improv skill applicable for any character. 

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Miss Mermaid Washington 

Olive the Alchemist is Miss Mermaid USA's 2021 Washington State Titleholder. 

They earned a top competing score among the 52 State Queens as a Top 25 Finalist for the 2021 Miss Mermaid USA title that will be competed for in early August.

With this title, the Alchemist is a qualified member of the World Mermaid Association.


Royal Court : Ocean Ambassador

The Alchemist is a proud representative of Mermaid at any Age, an upstarting organization spearheaded by mermaid industry professionals whose mission is to provide merfolk from all the realms with inspiration and resources to live their fullest merlife.


Whether your tail is silicone or fabric, you represent with just leggings or earrings, all mermaids are valid.

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The Alchemist would love to hear from you.

Olive is available for professional collaboration, corporate events, and aquarium appearances.

Seattle, Washington

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