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Alchemy Aquatics Mermaids

The first and only performance pod in the PNW backed by performers' insurance, Lifeguard, CPR/First Aid/AED, and PADI Mermaid Certifications.

Our highly trained performers specialize in aerial & aquatic acrobatic mermaid shows, immersive storytelling, and interactive guest experiences. 

Land, Water, Sky

Fully Customizable Entertainment 

We have the know-how you need.

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Our merfolk are all guarantied water safe. With extensive backgrounds in performance and competitive swimming, our team excels at creating seamless and realistic connections between themselves and the audience-- Just don't tap the glass! Hire our performers as atmosphere pieces and you will be amazed by their lengthy breath holds and otherworldly aquatic grace.

They'll tell you they just swam up from Atlantica, but if you ever ask one of our Mertenders about their human credentials, Alchemy Aquatics Mermaids are all PADI Mermaid certified performers. 

Below the Surface - Tank Shows and Aquatic Performances

The Alchemy Aquatics Mermaids are masters of the elements. Our performance pod is ready to elevate your event's entertainment through immersive and ethereal mermaid character experiences.

Sea Level - Interactive Party Entertainment

Birthday party? Private event? Fundraiser? Country Club or corporate event? Our mermaids love exploring human gatherings and come ready to share all about their life under the sea!


All of our mermaid performers have been trained with the same attention to detail in character work and aquatic performing as goes into theme-park quality interactions. 


Soaring Above - Olive the Alchemist: Aerial Lyra Act

Watch our mermaid transformation take to the sky! Olive the Alchemist performs an aerial mermaid lyra act.

Ask us for de-tails about our past aerial shows! 

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