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Meet Mermaid Lunalee

Swimming from the sunny waters of Southern California, Lunalee took shore in the PNW to admire the evergreen trees (and never left!). Her favorite past time is napping with the sea otters and occasionally help search for sea urchins and clams to eat together. 
Lunalee is PADI Advanced Mermaid Certified by human standard and loves to put on an underwater show (to display her beautiful tail; routinely kelp scrubbed)! Depending on the phase of the moon, her tail and persona may change; bright or dark. Watch out, she may splash you!
Mermaid Lunalee is fascinated by land music and will join you in a dance the next time she has her legs!


Land or Sea, lookout for Lunalee! Her close friend the Alchemist may be able to help you find Lunalee to join your party for the next adventure!

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