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Mermaid Tracker

The Seattle Mermaid School Pod have been logging their dynamic apnea distance swims during our weekly Apprentice Mermaid Lessons since our company's last birthday on October 13th. Our plan is to track and display the total mileage of underwater movement our mermaid pod swims during lessons in a year. Here, you can keep up to date with the school's and individual merfolks' progress, and sponsor our swims as we reach toward new milestone goals. 

How Many Miles have the Seattle Mermaid School Students Swam so far This Year?

Training Dynamic Apnea is an important part of mermaid swimming. Dynamic Apneas are breath holds that feature forward movement of the body in water. Extending stamina for longer swims is a foundational goal of mermaid swimmers. Freedivers and Mermaids measure the length of their swims in distance. The Seattle Mermaid School has been tracking the distance of the Dynamic Apnea laps our students complete during our weekly Apprentice Mermaid programming since the company's birthday on October 13th.


It takes 72 laps to swim a mile. A lap is 25 meters, or "25m". The label for "meter" will always be lowercase. For this record keeping swims are only recorded in the form of complete 25m laps. This means that if an Apprentice Mermaid swims a Dynamic Apnea of 30m, only the completed lap of 25m will be counted toward the school's distance total. Similarly, if an Apprentice completes 65m, the two completed laps of 50m will be recognized for this record.

Each mermaid in the fishbowl is labeled with the number of laps they have completed in the format of "32L" until they complete their first mile. Then their label will update to reflect the number of miles (M) they have completed, paired with the number of additional laps (L) in the format of "1M,16L." The label for "miles" will always be capital on this chart. 

Sponsoring our Distance

If a donation is collected on the behalf of a specific Pod member, 33% of the donation total will be reserved as a sponsorship for that mermaid to utilize on discounting a future Apprentice Mermaid lesson or PADI Certification.

Merfolk using this fundraising option to pay or discount their future lessons do not have to be current Seattle Mermaid School students. Anyone is able to participate in this fundraising opportunity. In order to ensure your discount reaches you, please instruct donators utilize your FULL HUMAN NAME when submitting in your favor.


Accrued discounts are refreshed quarterly. 100% of donations given in the name of The Seattle Mermaid School and the remaining 66% of mermaid sponsored donations go to the continuation of our School's public programming.

Donate Now

Fill our fish bowl by sponsoring an Apprentice Mermaid.


Thank you for your donation!


Pod Total


Mile Total


Additional Lap Count


Lap Total



# of Contributing Podmates


Longest Dynamic Apnea Swam

Aideen, Lunalee, OtA, Megan Faye, & Lagoona

Current Distance Record Holder

Top Contributors

These Seattle Mermaid School Pod members are featured for their individual contributions to the school's total overall distance. 

Mermaid Name
Lap Count
Total Distance
Mermaid Lunalee
PADI Adv. Mermaid
Olive the Alchemist
Mermaid Instructor
Megan Faye
Apprentice Mermaid
Mermaid Aideen
Ast. Mermaid Instructor
Mermaid Muse
Apprentice Mermaid
Mermaid Lagoona
PADI Adv. Mermaid
Mermaid River
Apprentice Mermaid
Merman Joe
Apprentice Mermaid
Apprentice Mermaid
Mermaid Prisma
PADI Adv. Mermaid
Mermaid Terry
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