4.5' x 2.4'


Olive the Alchemist's classic dorsal fin was an original sculpt designed specifically for Tiger Shark. This mold has gone on to become a fan favorite and was featured in the Finfolk Productions teams' personal silicone tails, custom silicone orders, and in the Finfolk Productions fabric tail lines. Now you can rep the Alchemist's iconic dorsal fin anywhere in white-backed or transparent sticker versions! 


Waterproof vinyl Cartoon Alchemist Mermaid Sticker. These weatherproof stickies are perfect for merfolk on the go. They'll hold up on waterbottles, monofin and bifin blades, notebook covers, laptops, or car windows.


Photograph Copyright Olive the Alchemist (2020).

Tiger Shark Dorsal Fin Sticker

  • Due to the one time use nature of stickers, this product is non-refundable. If the product arrives damaged from the mail, a replacement will be issued. 

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