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So, you want to be a professional mermaid? Hop in! The water's great. The mermaid industry is a fast growing, ever evolving conglomerate of aquatic professionals that that put heavy emphasis on performance swimming and story telling. Roles range from dry meet-and-greet gigs, to aquarium appearances, to private event booking, to ecology and conservation promotion; There are so many right ways to be a professional mermaid. So let's chat about it! I want to be a resource for you on your journey to achieve your aquatic dreams. Wherever your heart is swimming, I want to hear all about it. Drop a line for a free 15-minute consultation with Olive the Alchemist. Glean their best advice on next-steps, curated to match your goal set. Programs presented by Alchemy Aquatics Entertainment LLC and The Seattle Mermaid School are designed to be one-stop starting blocks for every avenue of the mermaid industry. Start making your own magic! Why not you?

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