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Upcoming Events

West Coast Merfolk Retreat 2022

May 13th - 16th | Anehiem, CA

Join The Seattle Mermaid School at the first annual West Coast Merfolk Retreat for rigorous, hands-on coaching from the most respected names in the industry. During this California Mermaid Convention sister event, the Alchemist will spill some of the best-kept secrets of bringing the world of mermaids to life.

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Summer PADI Mermaid Certifications 2022

July 15th - 17th | Seattle, WA

Deepen your relationship with the underwater world of mermaids with a PADI Mermaid Certification Course! The Seattle Mermaid School proudly partners with the International Mermaid Museum of Aberdeen, Washington to bring its' students the most well rounded understanding of mermaid culture, professionalism, and diving skill available on the market. Learn about an extensive web of mermaid lore while developing swimming and freediving skills specific to aquatic performance.