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Grand Opening Event
Temporary Exhibit Attraction

Aberdeen, WA April 2021

The international museum of Aberdeen, Washington hosted a temporary exhibit featuring the performance history of Olive the Alchemist and their personal mermaid tail, Tiger Shark. The display featured the silicone mermaid fin by Finfolk Productions, several eyelash sets from the L.A. Colors line featuring Tiger Shark's image, branded informational panels about Olive's performance history, and a meet and greet station to interact with the Alchemist themself. 
Olive provided branded informational brochures to each guest with a signature upon meeting. 

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MerMagic Con

Manassas, VA 2021

MerMagic Con is the world's largest mermaid convention. Olive the Alchemist appeared as a seminar leader, diversity panelist speaker, Mermaid at any age Ocean Ambassador, and representative of the state of Washington through the charity pageant Miss Mermaid USA. 


Olive's professional development seminar shared their personally curated tips on bringing any mersona or cosplay to life, regardless of backstory detail. The lecture focused on implementing tools to increase believability, immersion, professionalism, and improve improv skill applicable for any character. 

During the closing ceremonies of the convention, Olive was honored as a bronze medalist in the convention's annual "Merlympics". Olive placed well in several individual swimming challenges including first place in the longest dynamic apnea challenge. 

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Princess Ariel meets Mermaid Mist (Left) and Mermaid Caylis (Right)
Anna and Elsa
Princess Anna of Arendelle
Queen Anna of Arendelle
Ariel in the Grotto
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The Alchemist spent 5 years and over 10,000 on-stage hours with Walt Disney World Entertainment  between January 2016 and December 2020 bringing to life some of the worlds most recognizable princesses in stage shows and meet-and-greets.

They are very protective of the magic, but would admit that they've never been in the same room as
Ariel, Anna, Rapunzel, or Belle

See the Alchemist's resume, or click through the gallery on the left for more detailed information.

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Hoggetowne Medieval Faire
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Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

Gainesville, FL 2019

Olive the Alchemist performed in meet-and-greets styled in their first signature look.

'Goldfish,' was based around an original custom-order silicone tail by Finfolk Productions. 

Eric's Castle