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Tiger Shark

Behind the Signature Look

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The Alchemist performs in Tiger Shark, a one-of-a-kind silicone tail handcrafted by Finfolk Productions.


When it was released, Tiger Shark's unique design didn't just "break the mold." It became the mold.


The iconic dorsal fin was crafted specifically for this tail, which was the first silicone mermaid tail ever made to base its design on a shark.


Demand soon followed, and Tiger Shark's innovative dorsal fin became a standard in the industry. It was a fan favorite, incorporated into multiple custom orders, fabric lines, and even the creators' personal tails.


Tiger Shark's debut made waves outside of mermaiding as well. Its striking silhouette drew attention from both the entertainment and fashion industries. 


The unique color pattern on this tail was the muse for a complete line of siren-inspired false eyelashes from L.A. Colors.


It was also featured prominently on the cover of the 2019 Hollywood film, Mermaid Down.


Tiger Shark stands as a cornerstone in mermaid entertainment. To this day, it's the source of admiration and inspiration in the industry.

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