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Aquatic Acrobatics

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Welcome to "Aquatic Acrobatics," an open chapter of The Alchemist's Field Guide that highlights the basics of safe mermaid tail use. This online mermaid swimming instruction course takes you on a magical journey through aquatic motion, all from the comfort of your home. This unique course is designed to empower participants with the knowledge, vocabulary, and skills needed to recognize basic mermaid maneuvers. Performing in underwater cosplay and/or mermaid costuming is a specialty swim skill. While mermaiding can be a magical and captivating activity, it is essential to acknowledge the potential dangers associated with gear unique to mermaid swimming. Understanding and respecting these risks is crucial for ensuring the safety of participants. This guide aims to make swimmers their best prepared for in water success, prior to arriving on the pool deck. With the right knowledge, gear awareness, and safety training, it is possible to glide effortlessly through the water like a real mermaid. This Field Guide Chapter includes engaging video tutorials, text descriptions of aquatic maneuvers, in detail break-downs of beginner fin snags and the Alchemist's best tricks on how to smooth out your aquatic flow. This course very closely follows the PADI Mermaid Certification skill check list and is designed to increase a swimmer's comfortability with the in water skill requirements to pass a PADI Basic Mermaid, and PADI Mermaid Certification course. Basically... Beginner mermaid? START HERE!


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