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Meet Mermaid Prisma

From balmy coral reefs to icy glaciers, Mermaid Prisma is an avid explorer who has swum all over the world. However, she is a cold-water mermaid by nature, and you are most likely to spot her in her home waters in the Pacific Northwest.


Prisma is fascinated by humans and absolutely loves coming ashore to adventure whenever she gets the chance. One of Prisma’s favorite things about humans is how passionate they can be about mermaids and the underwater world. She loves to show off her tail (which can be any color of the rainbow prism, depending on when you see her) to curious humans. If you’re lucky, you might even catch her on a day she’s sporting her land legs.


When she is underwater, Prisma’s favorite hobbies are swimming to new waters, taking naps on the seabed, and searching for treasures for her collection. She is also usually accompanied by her narwhal friend, Nate. Next time you’re out on the water, keep an eye out for a flash of a narwhal’s magical horn and the splash of a mermaid fluke. If you spot them, you’ll know Mermaid Prisma is nearby!


Mermaid Prisma would love to join you for your event! She is PADI Advanced Mermaid Certified. Her friend Olive the Alchemist can help arrange for her to come visit you.

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Image Copyrights: 
(reef): © Underwater Portraits by Angelina, 2023

(glacier): © C. Montoya, 2023
(shore): © Alchemy Aquatics Entertainment LLC 2023

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